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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization services is all about getting your site enhanced or optimized, so that you will be more easily reached via search engines. Your website is only useful and profitable if more visitors find you online through search engines. depends on many factors, such as age of the domain, number of pages to be optimized, nature of business, design of the site

  • Process of altering the code and contents of web pages so as to “optimise” them to  rank higher among the results of searches for identified key phrases
  • Focuses on the organic search results returned by search engines, for which there are direct costs to be paid to the search engine.
  • Rank and longevity of rank cannot be guaranteed

SEO Process :

  • Identify list of approx. 10 key phrases for which the website will be optimized. These key phrases are selected on the basis of their direct relevance to stated business objectives.
  • Initial Search Rank Report is generated for these key phrases, along with a Site Optimization report that details changes needed to page code and website content to achieve higher ranks.
  • Ranks are then monitored over a 30-day period.
  • Monthly Search Rank Report is generated periodically, and basis that additional Site Optimization Reports are generated as needed. The process is ongoing.

SEO Reporting :

  • Monthly Search Rank Report
  • Search Ranks for Google, Yahoo and MSN per key phrase
  • Change of Rank since previous report
  • Competition Tracking for same key phrases

Site Optimization Report :

  • Revision / Inclusion of Meta Tags per page of the website
  • Revision / Inclusion of ALT Tags per page
  • Revision of TITLE Tag per page
  • Modifications to text content per page
  • Modification to code structure site-wide