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About us

HP SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. offer both ready made packages, and provide a customized solution for each of our customers. We see it as an important part of our service to understand our customers Internet requirements and proactively meet their needs. Our foresight has contributed much to our success. Through our superior network, world-class support and innovative packages we have earned a solid reputation for quality and service. Success has been achieved by offering all types of high quality innovative web solution.

Hosting has set the standard for high-quality Website hosting services in India. We are dedicated to provide the best website hosting experience and support in the Indian web hosting industry. We are committed to high-performance, powerful Web Solutions Provider and with a commitment to serve the changing needs of your business. We are a single window Information Technology Solutions provider with an accent on providing a full portfolio in the vertical of web services across industries, including Web Development, Web Designing, Web Hosting with most effective and quality solutions. As with any successful website hosting company, customer service is the key element to our success. The satisfaction of our website hosting clients is our Number One priority. Hosting operates on two very basic concepts: Provide the best possible website hosting services in India and take care of our customers. This mission is the basis on which Hosting was formed.

We Hosting offers website hosting services for Websites of all sizes and types. we have created MULTIPLE web hosting plans to meet everyone's hosting needs. Our online Virtual Control Panel gives you complete control of your Website hosting. For those who are less than expert with the Internet, our website hosting control panel has an incredibly user-friendly graphical interface.