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" HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. is totally committed to Quality, Transparency, Customer Oriented Approach and Client Satisfaction. HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to providing its clients with highest standard of products and services."

Website Design

Website is an increasing importance of business life, whether it's a small business or medium size business (SMB) or big corporate firm. We are very vast and versatile in designing or developing websites and can deliver for any type of project.

Software Development

We, at HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd., offer complete end-to-end and cost-effective offshore software development solutions in the most advanced technology projects using the latest industry standard tools for the small and medium enterprise.

Apps Development

HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. is experts in understanding your business goals and objectives to create rich and immersive apps for mobile and tablet. HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd.


​We develop functional e-commerce websites. Our preferred platform for e-commerce is Magento, but we can develop using other platforms such as Opencart, Wordpress,Prestashop, etc.

Domain Registration

​HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading providers of domain name services in the INDIA. As well as buying your domain names with us, you also have access to a range of other domain name features including Whois Privacy.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting:s one of the India's biggest hosting companies, our industry-leading web hosting products and services continue to raise standards. We are always adding to and refining our infrastructure.


Our affordable and advanced SEO Services are the best option for enhancing your websites visibility and generating more sales online. Our SEO analysts take innovative approach and use tactful methods to improve your websites rankings.

Digital Marketing

In today's marketplace, brands have two options - Grow or Die. We know your choice.​ We offer digital marketing strategy, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing.

Offer & Announcement

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Quality assurance

Nyala Regular Specimen

Quality is our top priority

HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. always pursues the highest quality, not only in its software products, but also in its processes, infrastructure, and employees. Nothing goes overlook. We document, implement, and evaluate all of our internal processes, because we are always looking for opportunities to improve and become more efficient. We are guided by detailed principles for quality control and management that cover every stage of the product lifecycle, from initial planning through maintenance. Our procedures minimize software errors by periodically collecting measurable data and checking it against our database before they are rolled into a demanding audit and review for quality. No matter how much time pressure we are under, we will never cut quality, which is viewed not only as the end, but also as the means.

Product Specifications

Even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, we'll help you create detailed technical specifications. This might require identifying your businesses' needs, the desired characteristics and benefits of the software, and the ways in which IT supports your business aims. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages offered by the technology you're already using. We'll consider various prototypes and plans and discuss how we can best collaborate with you before drafting the specifications and a price quote for you to review.

At that point, we'll have a pretty clear understanding of the project's scope, so we'll begin making the requirements even more detailed so that we can dive into the development phase. Our focus on quality assurance begins now, very early in the process. We create prototypes and design sketches early on so that you can confirm whether we're on the right track.

Developing and Integrating the Software

We work closely with our clients through each stage of the project. This lets us ensure your satisfaction with our work and adapt to any changes that you may request. We appreciate receiving regular feedback so that we can modify our work as needed and better mitigate risks. We make sure that the final software product can be integrated smoothly with your existing business systems and procedures.

Our Methods for Quality Assurance

Each project has two clearly identified leaders: the project coordinator and the project manager. The project coordinator is in charge of documentation and communication. He or she serves as the contact person for the client. The coordinator's tasks include but are not limited to reports, project changes, tracking, and more. He or she speaks English fluently and in essence acts in the client's best interest throughout the project, challenging the rest of the project team to find ever-better solutions. Most other companies do not have anyone in this role, but at Orient Software we have found it to be one of the keys to our success. The project manager has more technical expertise, making sure that everything is completed on time and within the budget without sacrificing quality. Each project is also monitored by a central oversight committee through which members of top management regularly observe the team's progress.

The Software Development Process

we always remain focused on each client's specific requirements. Our iterative projects include each of the following components.

  • Vision – In the first step, the client and our team work closely together to define the scope of the project, making sure that the IT work is closely aligned with the client's business objectives. We explore our options for the software architecture and begin risk identification and mitigation. This phase ends once we have agreed upon the direction for the project.

  • Plan and Design – In this part of the process, our team begins fine-tuning the project requirements and planning how the development will actually take place. This phase ends once the client has approved the project plan.

  • Development – In this phase, we move beyond mere planning and begin actually developing the new software or web application.

  • Stability – In this phase, we ask the client for detailed feedback so that we can begin modifying the product to better meet your needs in future versions.

HP Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. has established standards for documentation, coding, and configurations, ensuring the consistently high quality of all that we do.

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